Maggots Ate This Dog's Face, But His Spirit Defeated All Odds!! Viewers Discretion Advised!!

*Warning: Graphic Content*

This one is not for the ones with a weak stomach. This is the story of Kalu, a mongrel from India, who’s face was eaten by maggots. And because of the lack of care, he had almost decided to give up on life. But when the people at Animal Aid Unlimited, India, showed him care, he responded. He responded with such a strong will to live, that it will amaze you.

The Maggots Infested Mongrel

This is how Kalu looked when he was found by the animal care shelter. He had a wound on his face, which had led to a maggot infestation. The larvae had eaten up a large part of the poor pooch’s face, which had exposed a large section of his skull. He had crawled into a hole at a construction site to die, for nobody had come forward to help him yet.
The people at Animal Aid Unlimited are very experienced at treating cases of severe wounds. But even they had never seen such a case before. It was one of the worst case that they had ever come across. They even considered euthanasia would be a less painful solution. But something about his spirit made the shelter people give him a chance at life. They decided to start his treatment.
They applied a powder to his wound to kill the maggots that had infested the face of the poor mutt. They bandaged his face. Then they sedated him and cleaned the wound. The poor dog didn’t seem to have either of his eyes left and a large part of his skull was visible. They kept bandaging him, making sure that his wound didn’t get infected.
The first time they fed him, he had difficulty. But it was clear that he famished. He had not given up on life yet. The people at the shelter were very careful with the poor pooch because his case was very critical. But they were in for a surprise.
YES!! One of his eyes was still intact. And as the swelling on his wound reduced, it became visible. This boosted the spirit of the animal care people, because they could see their care bearing fruit. It took a lot of intensive care. But soon the hair, on his once muzzled face, began to grow. He was moving steadily towards a miraculous recovery. And this is how Kalu looks after 3 months of intensive care.

The Cherished Pooch

The story of his recovery has been really heart warming and awe inspiring. Once, literally, down in the dumps, this brave mongrel has now recovered to be a favorite at the shelter.
Even though Kalu has lost an eye and a tail, he has a new lease on life. He gets really excited when any one at the shelter greets him and plays with him. Animal Aid Unlimited cares for more than 4,500 rescued animals every year in Udaipur, India. We salute you!! And every other organisation in the world that steps up to save these poor animals. They all teach us that a small step, a small act of kindness can go a long way. Please donate as per your ability to make sure that this organisation continues to rescue these poor beasts.
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