This little guy needed some help with a math problem. You won't believe whom he called.

What do you do when you have an emergency? Call 911, right? Well, so did this little guy who had some issues with something really serious— some “take away” Math problem. You heard me right. The 4-year-old was so desperate for help that he ended up none other than 911!

A four year old kid dialled 911 cos’ he desperately needed some help with some math problem. I guess dialling 9, 1 and 1 is as far as little guy’s math skills could go, which is why he needed help with some more complex math problem. Lucky for him, the good people of the emergency service kept the call going to help him with the same.

But sadly for the four year old, his mom caught him cheating on his homework before he could actually get any help. I just hope this crafty kid somehow made it; or, at least the 911 didn’t die laughing. Damn, my bottom still hurts with all that laughter.

I dare you to watch this video without laughing. Cute and hilarious is all that this video is all about. Please don’t forget to share.