Meagan Barnard – An Inspiring Brave Woman With Lymphoedema

Meagan Barnard, a 24 year old female from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, grew up becoming an object of ridicule among her classmates and spent most of her time within the house trying not to leave. The reason – she has a medical condition that caused her right leg to swell to almost double the normal size. The medical condition was diagnosed to be primary Lymphoedema praecox.

Meagan, from Minnesota, was diagnosed with primary lymphoedema praecox where her right leg swelled to about twice its normal size

The condition was diagnosed at puberty when her lymph nodes and the lymphatic system did not mature enough to drain the lymphatic fluid which eventually remained trapped in her leg. The result of this was that she developed painful extreme swelling of her right leg.

Miss Barnard reminisces how she woke up one morning found her foot slightly swollen and painful. She, however, did not react to it at that time. But when the pain and swelling persisted, she visited various doctors who said it may have happened during puberty because her lymph nodes did not grow as expected or may have gotten injured in some or the other way. The truth was that they were themselves clueless as to what caused it. When the news that she had incurable lymphoedema was finally broken to her, she felt as if this was the end of life for her.

She opened up to the public thinking that other girls who are suffering from a similar condition should not suffer anymore in silence