Meet The 21-Year-Old Fashion Designer Whose Drop-Dead Gorgeous Hair Sculptures Will Blow Your Mind Away!

She said, “My hair in the shape of hands is the expression of my thought, which is so strong that it decides to materialize before I even go through with the action.”

According to her, the hairstyles are a way to express herself and to showcase her creativity. When asked where she got her inspiration for the hands series, Laetitia said, “I was thinking about a female African superhero that draws her power from her hair, and uses it to do what she wants, when she wants it.”


“I want people to see me not just as the girl who just uses her hair, but as a creative and versatile person — because I am,” said Laetitia.

Citing that Black women’s hair has often been looked at as “not pretty enough”, Laetitia said, “To use [these] hairstyles as a means of expression is, therefore, [powerful] because it speaks to all its Black women who have had, for a long time, made believe that their hair was not dope enough.”


A strong believer in “affirming your uniqueness”, Laetitia is being commended by many for her fearless creative expression.

“I’m very happy that lots of people are sharing my art,” she said, “It encourages me a lot, but at the same time, I feel a bit of pressure from the expectations for my future work. I really hope I will be up to it!” One of her followers commented, “This is actually one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.” Another said, “You have just blown my mind.”


Clearly, a hair genius, Laetitia still has a long way ahead.

She sees her hairstyles as just one of the many ways she can express herself. She explains, “I do more than hair styling but I admit, it is what I’m getting the most attention for at the moment.” Hoping to use her viral hairstyles as a jumping-off point for various other projects she wants to work on, Laetitia plans to launch a clothing brand sometime in the future. If her upcoming creations are anywhere near as impressive and as this series, then we will undoubtedly love it.


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