Michael Jackson's Daughter Gets Tattoos That Will Amaze You To The Core

The world is well acquainted with the name Michael Jackson. He is one of those American legends who is being revered till date, even after his demise. He was known as the King of Pop and was a famous public figure for almost four decades. Not only was he a great singer, but he was also a record producer, actor and a dancer. No other singer has been able to reach to the heights that he achieved in the initial years of his solo adult career. The most popular dance, The Moonwalk, is given to us by none other but this legend himself.
Michael Jackson has a huge fan following who pay him a lot of respect for the great person he was. Not just his fans, but also his own relatives pay him tributes in their own special way, which is anything but ordinary. His daughter, Paris Jackson did not want to be left behind and did something for her father that would always keep him with her.
Recently, Paris got herself inked in a new tattoo of her father in his remembrance. She is merely 18 years old and is an aspiring singer. She aims to be a great singer one day, just like her father.
This is not her first tattoo as previously, she got herself inked with the catchphrase “Queen of My Heart.” Michael Jackson himself wrote the catchphrase as he held his daughter extremely close to his heart. She got herself inked so she could fondly remember her father and pay him respect for raising her so well.
The picture reads, “To everyone else he was the King of Pop. To me, well, he was the king of my heart.” This picture was posted on Instagram which received more than thousands of likes and comments from fans from around the world.
Read further to know how she paid tribute to her legend father.

Paris felt delirious when she got her first tattoo for her father and could not hold the excitement in her, so she went to the tattoo parlor again in less than 72 hours later. This time she went to get another tattoo, but it was not for her father. She was in a spur of happiness that she decided to pay tribute to her grandmother, Katherine. For this  she decided to get another tattoo for her and got herself inked with a blue lotus flower with the word “Kǎisèlín.” The tattoo was titled as “Kǎisèlín” which meant “Nana Katherine. Love you, G-Ma.”


To the picture that she posted, she replied on Twitter saying, “Never make an apology for art.”
Paris’ admirers never felt perplexed due to the fact that she got herself inked twice, within such a short span of time. Though she had given herself a break from visiting the tattoo parlor, surprisingly, she was seen making a revisit to the shop only after a few days.


She got herself inked yet again, though with a completely different tattoo this time. The tattoo she got herself this time was again in the memory of her father, in which she highlighted his outstanding art work that came out in the year 1989. It was a multi-platinum album, named Dangerous. It demonstrated Michael Jackson’s enchanting eyes which were encircled by his most liked animals. The tattoos will leave you in an awe!
The description of the tattoo was from his book, ‘Dancing The Dream’, which read, “The denotation of life is enclosed in every single manifestation of life. It exists in the eternity of forms and portents that happen in all of the creation.”
Along with that she wrote, “Never disremember your roots, and always be gratified of where you came from.”


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