Michael Jackson’s Daughter Speaks Out About The Claims Against Her Father

Everyone is familiar with Michael Jackson’s name. The man was, and continues to be, a legend. His music touched millions of people across the world. Although the singer himself has passed away, his legacy will always stay with us.
While Jackson was well known for his music as well as his song videos, not all news about the singer is positive. True, he is loved by many, but there are some things about him that may not be very endearing.
Allegations against Michael Jackson
In November 2003, police raided the house of the famous singer. What they claimed they found in the dead man’s closet, was really shocking and unbelieveable.
1.Odd and inappropriate pictures:
In Michael Jackson’s closet, the police found inappropriate pictures related to child porn.
3 – Other pictures:
Animal torture pictures were also found, as were those related to S and M. These pictures were very disturbing. However, at the time the report was not released so the public did not hear of the incident. It was years later that these reports were seen by people.
4 – The report shocked everyone:
This report, when made public, shocked everyone as no one expected such a thing from the famous singer and music icon.
5 – Michael Jackson’s daughter responded to the claims:
Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, immediately responded to the horrendous claims that were being made against her father. It was being said that Michael Jackson was into child porn and had twisted and perverted sexual ideas.
6 – She responded via Twitter:
The 18 year old girl took to Twitter to defend her father’s name and reputation.
7 – This is her Tweet:
She tweeted, “Unfortunately negativity will always sell. I urge you all to ignore the trash and the parasites who make a career trying to slander my father.”
8 – This was posed on Tuesday:
The girl made her tweet on Tuesday, 22nd June. Her tweet shows that she seriously believes that her father had nothing to do with these disturbing and upsetting photographs. She honestly believes in her father’s innocence and urges that others do the same. According to Paris, this is just an attempt to defame her father.