10 Mind Boggling Celebrity Habits! #6 Will Blow Your Mind

We all have some routines and habits that many may find peculiar. While people have believes and follow some weird and ancient superstitions, there are some who have to compulsively follow a habit. Most of us may be embarrassed by these actions. But now we can find some comfort knowing that our favorite celebrities, like us, have a strange habit or two. There are many rumors on the web about these famous personalities. However, some of these are so often witnessed by people that one has to believe in its authenticity. Here are some of the most mind boggling celebrity habits.

#1 David Beckham

David Beckham


The former professional English footballer, David Beckham, has a pair of odd habits. He has obsessive compulsive disorder where he has to have everything in a straight line. Secondly, everything should be in pairs. If there are an odd number of items, he would put one away to make complete pairs of the rest.

#2 Eminem



Many of us can relate to the world renowned American rapper, Eminem, who can only sleep if the room is complete dark. The staffs of the hotels he stay in completely black out all the windows because if there is any light at all, he will be awake all night long.

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