These 13 adorable moms are going to make your day

Belated Mother’s Day to all the beautiful and cute, and smart and funny moms in the world (and I mean it for all the moms). Our mom is the best thing that ever happened to us. There is no second person in this entire world who can love and care for us like the way our mom does. We owe a lot more than our lives to our mom, the more we do for her the less it will be. This post is in appreciation to all the lovely moms out there who has been a little cute, a little funny, a little cynical at times of course, but always the most beautiful woman in our lives. We love you mom, and nothing and no one can change the way we feel about you.

The anti-roofie… oops, anti-selfie cynical mom.

mom 1

The faith-full mom, if you understand what I mean.

mom 2

The mom who loves to use her newly found vocabulary.

mom 3