14 Most Ridiculous Rules in People’s Schools ! #8 is So Hard to BELIEVE

A school or institution is designed to provide basic learning to students. Most of the schools believe in the ordered and structured environment for their students and they design  best rules to maintain discipline in the school. However, there are some schools which have maintained some of the ridiculously strict rules which every student wants to get rid of. Here are those ridiculous rules:
1. Parental permission rule
According to this rule, you have to get written permission from your parents before hugging a friend of opposite $ex. Moreover, some of the schools have also banned hugging in the school premises as they think that the students waste their time and arrive late in their regular classes.
2. The pants and skirts rule
notelyhigh.comA student described the pants and skirts rule of her school according to which they were allowed to wear pants during cold only if they wear skirts over them. The pant and skirt combination looked so odd to us that sometimes we felt like jokers moving to school.
3. No shiny shoes
yummymummyno.1files.wordpress.coA girl explained that in my school we are not allowed to wear shiny shoes as they think that one can look up in the girls skirt in shiny shoes. However, schools must teach students about discipline, friendliness, and goodwill despite applying such ridiculous rules.
4. Hair-bands on wrists
cdn.shopify.comWe are not allowed to wear our hair-bands on wrists if we wish to loosen our hairs. So we have to keep our hair-bands in our pencil box where they get dirty.
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