Mother Of Three Slept With A Plastic Wrap On Her Stomach- Overnight Miracle

A plastic wrap to get rid of the belly fat – shocking, isn’t it? But losing weight is such a difficult task,specially after pregnancy. You have to sweat for hours exercising or working out in the gym, eat right and what not before you even begin to notice any changes.

And when you’re a mother of three little children you certainly never seem to get time to hit the gym and burn that fat. You have to get them ready for school, make breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone, go to work, help them with homework, put them to sleep and the day is over before you know.

So this wonder mom, Coleen, had an idea to wrap plastic around her belly at night before she slept. Making use of the time and not having to undergo any extra efforts the results she noticed were nothing but a miracle.

platsic wrap

After the three pregnancies, Coleen’s body changed and she missed being fit. She says that her companion recommended and persuaded her to attempt plastic wrap weight reduction method. She didn’t have anything to lose, so she saw no harm in giving it a try. Coleen says: “When I got up I removed everything and immediately measured my waist. I was in stun. I lost 2.5 inches during one night”. She never imagined this could happen to her.

We’re all always looking for new ways to get our old figure back, usually easy ways when we’re busy and life is hectic. We see those sauna belt ads on TV and get tempted but they sure are expensive. Why spend a huge of amount of money on it when you can make something similar at home with little expense. It doesn’t get any easier than this. This technique helps your body to dispose off all water that remained for the day through sweat because of the lotion and plastic wrap.