Names of Cats Used by People in Different Countries- How Many did You Know??

Just so we know, have you ever reacted to someone calling you by a different name in a different country?…well not really, right!! The only difference that comes out is the accent in which they call you, because your spelling never changes!
So if this holds true for us humans, how different are animals…?
Let’s take the example of cats for instance, try pampering one and calling him a cat, chances are he just won’t react. Wonder why??
That’s because cats in different countries react to particular sounds. Yeah!! So it’s same like how in India you say hello, somewhere else its halo, or Bonjour!
Similarly in India we would point out a cat and say “meow meow”, in England they would be called as “chh chh chh”, whereas in Israel you would caress one as “ps ps ps”.
So the next time you travel to a different country, just remember what they are referred too…here we have compiled a list of some cats and their different sounds and noises.
1] Lithuania
Hah…. I am sure all the guys would be dying to be there…. What a fun time that would have….all that’s in their heart would be dropping out their lips. Right…. The kitties are called Guess what…KISS- KISS- KISS.
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2] Poland
Ohhh the cold is killing here dude…! How about getting cozy by the fire…. Having a glass of Champagne and let’s start playing with your little KITCHI -KITSCHI -KITSCHI . Yes that’s what the kitty Kats are called there.
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3] Japan
The Japanese cats are just like our Japanese dolls… And these super delicate dolls are called NEKO-CHAN OIDE. Quite a cute name for the cutie kats.
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4] Argentina
Ohh Baby! The Cats here are very sophisticated ladies… So be very gentle with them and start by please calling them by a MISH- MISH –MISH.
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5] China
Well Chinese Cats are full of tradition….yes they too follow age old traditions….just like the people there. The little Chinese creatures are traditionally called as MAIO- MAIO- MAIO.
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