Seven Day Old Newborn Left His Teary-Eyed Parents A Lifetime Of Memories And A Lesson!

Birth of a newborn brings along a never ending trail of happiness, love and laughter in the lives of the parents and those related to the family. Parents happiness and sadness get directly linked to the joy and sorrows of their child and vice-versa.
However, life does not unfold as expected and brings in its wake a never ending cascade of pain and agony. Nancy and Charlie McLean were one such couple who would have never thought that this would happen in their life, the least of all, with them.
It was a festival of sorts when Nancy and Charlie McLean took the vows of matrimony. Nancy, who was seven month pregnant at her wedding, would have never thought that this happiness was soon going to unfriend them.
Nancy and Charlie McLean got married in January, 2016. They both were very happy to start this new phase of life. They had all the more reason to rejoice because they were going to be parents just 2 months on.
Finally, the couple was blessed with a cute and beautiful baby boy and he was named Edison.
Before the festivities and greetings of the new born could soak in, Edison was diagnosed, on day 3, with an extremely rare metabolic condition known as non-ketotic hyperglycemia. The doctors broke the news of very poor prognosis to the couple telling them that their son had very little time left. Edison had been on ventilator as his lungs did not support breathing.
The couple did not let the cloud of gloom get the better of them and decided that they would photograph the final moments of their newborn son’s short life for the rest of their life.
The McLeans called up Mr. James Day, the photographer who shot for the couple’s wedding, asking him to come upto the Royal Randwick Women’s Hospital to photograph them with their son.
Mr. Day started off as soon as he arrived at the hospital photographing and filming the couple with their baby and those who came for condolences. It was day 4 and the doctors had already pulled the plug to the ventilator.
Miraculously enough, the little fighter resumed respiration of his own accord and stayed strong for another two days. This gave the McLeans ample time to spend with Edison, taking him for a picnic to the beach, bringing him home and cuddling with him for an entire day.
Finally, three hours shy of getting 7 day old, Edison left his parents for a happier and disease-free abode. The loss McLeans had to suffer was immense and inconsolable. But the couple was brave enough to accept the harsh reality and move on with their life.
The video and photographs that Mr. Day had published online after Edison’s demise brought loads of well-wishes and condolences for the couple.
Nancy and Charlie McLean took a lesson from their newborn son’s death and are now imparting the same to other people who face similar untimely loss. The lesson they are imparting is that however short one’s life be, always stay happy and spread love. Let the people in your life know well ahead of time that you love them. You never know what time has in store for you!
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