Obese Mother ashamed of her body loses SIX STONES, using her children as weights

Women are almost always conscious about their weight. But the situation of weight gain and management goes completely haywire when a woman bears babies and gives birth to them. Fatigue, hormonal imbalances, inappropriate sleep, are just a few factors that lead to this gain of eight.
Svetlana Babenkova from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia is a 24 year old mother of 3 little children. She had piled up her extra flab after she gave birth to her second baby. It became a matter of concern for her as she had turned in to a 15 stone lady and that definitely did not keep her happy.

(One stone is approximately 6 kilos).

She thought of an ingenious idea and used her children as weights. She then performed exercises that helped her lose decent amount of weight, about 6 stones, and get back her confidence as well as well being back in to her own control.
She said: ‘It was very uncomfortable for me. I was ashamed of my body, I felt very bad even in front of my husband. I could not even look at myself in the mirror.’
She clearly stated that she had become very uncomfortable in her own body – like this body was not the body she wanted to live in. She had been becoming incessantly out of shape and it had begun to bother her a lot. Her weight and associated issues had been creating a difficulty in her everyday tasks.
This effort and exercise regime that she followed for weight loss has transformed her body completely. She feels a lot more confident now, and  it makes her very happy. She had tried to do some or the other kinds of workouts at home, but it never made any significant difference to her body. She suddenly had a brainwave of using her kids of different weights as her fitness equipment, and VOILA… the world just turned around for her.

She now does sit-ups with her baby resting on her legs. She carries her daughter as a weight  equipment on her back to do push ups, and with her third child, she squats with setting her on her own shoulders.


She said that involving her children in her workout made exercising a fun thing to do for her as well as her children. She also said that the extra kilos quickly disappeared by her idea of using her kids to beef up her workouts.

“It all began when i would try to do some exercises at home and my kids would crawl up on my back. It was fun for them, but it used to bug me a lot”.
But giving in to the demands of her little kids, she would seat them on her back and continue her workout, only to realize that it made her workouts more intense, and her children seemed happier for involving themselves in an activity along with their mother.

She added: ‘When I tried to exercise, they were climbing on me anyway, then I thought why don’t I use them instead of fighting with them?


‘Svetlana’s husband Alexandr Babenkov said: ‘My wife started talking about working out in a gym prior giving birth.

‘She was indicating the time had come for her to start working out again but until the kids were involved, it didn’t really happen.’

Svetlana said: ‘My children are the greatest motivation for me. I want to be a role model for them, and show how sports has helped me. I want them to think “If mama can do it, I can do it too”.

Experts suggest that despite of this being a very fun kind of an activity where parents and children bond even better, it is important to keep the weight of the child in mind, and the child’s placement on the mother’s body in consideration too. Injury is quite a real world thing for such instances and one needs to be very careful as to what they shall be getting into.
But keeping that aside, its a total win-win situation! What do you think about this idea? Do let us know your views in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends!