The One Minute Self Defense Move That Every Woman Should Know!

In a world where we constantly witness acts of violence against women on a daily basis, it becomes imperative that women safety is given prime importance. Instead of teaching women not go out after dark, maybe we should ensure that they stay safe. Even though implementing laws and measures is important, we can never truly eradicate this menace. So, teaching women to defend themselves when in danger is very important.
Women all over the world are subjected to various levels of violence and abuse, ranging from domestic violence, child abuse to rape. In the name of religion, caste or just bigotry, patriarchy has reared its ugly head. To restore balance in the society, we must ensure that women are not made to cower at home, instead they should be made to learn to defend themselves against any potential attackers. But, most of these self-defense techniques are very hard to learn and even harder to implement.
But, not anymore! We present to you a simple self-defense move which, if implemented correctly can render your attacker unconscious. This ‘choke’ move is a slight variation of a Jujitsu move. This move has been so designed that it can be used in our day to day lives. Learning this move takes a very short period of time, while it will prove to be helpful for a lifetime.


To be able to perform the choke properly, a few trial runs will be important. You need to master the move to ensure that you disable your attacker. For trial runs you need a volunteer who would be willing to act as your attacker. You need to lie on your back while the attacker attempts to attack you from above.


When the attacker moves on top of you, clamp your right arm over your attacker’s neck, securing the neck in your elbow joint and pulling them down firmly towards you.


After that, clamp the opponents left arm under your left arm, attempting to secure it in elbow joint. Hold it firmly.
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Keeping a firm grip, wrap your legs around their waist and secure together with your ankles.


Keeping your legs wrapped firmly, take your left arm and reach down to grab you assailant’s shirt. Then pull it up and gather the material in your hand, also taking a firm grip on the collar of the shirt behind their neck.


Following that, in a quick movement, slide your hand around their neck in a smooth motion keeping it close to the jugular. Grab the t-shirt with the palm of the right hand facing up above the left hand.


Re-position the right hand above the left hand.


Next, put your left foot firmly in the hip joint of the attacker.
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Push yourself away from the attacker with that foot.


Using the space created by that motion move the forearm on your left arm over their head so that your forearms are crossed and pressing against the neck. By pulling the t-shirt you can tighten the choke hold.
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It is important to keep you head close to the head of your attacker so they can’t punch you.
The sad part is, that we live in a society where, instead of controlling or managing the cause of the problem, we have to minimize the aftermath. Patriarchy has become so intertwined in our society, that we are starting to not find it objectionable.
We live in a world where violence has become a commonplace, one simply cannot rely on others for help. This simple technique will ensure that you can take care of yourself in today’s world. Ensuring that women are safe is the only way we can ensure the safety of the entire society.