Only a girl can understand these pictures and what they ACTUALLY Mean!

Don’t you sometimes wonder, how come every girl has so many problems around them. They are either always rushing, or cribbing, or yelpng, or (for Christ’s sake) crying … and the worst of all … sitting quietly in a corner. But to let out a secret, being a girl is a huge problem in itself!!!! Why is it so, you ask??
Let us elaborate that for you…. but don’t blame us if the men reading this post don’t understand all of these images, because we are sure, all girls will. So tighten your seat belts and watch the show!
1. When your hair tie is your best friend, as well as your most hated enemy!!
2. When your hair wouldn’t hold up and ruin your Lip gloss on a windy day!! (argghhhhh)
3. When the weather s way too humid… (growwwl…. i’m the new Lion King in town!! Wait.. i just saw another one there…)