Photoshop Wizard ‘James Fridman’ Waves His Magic Wand And The Results Will Surely Leave You In Splits!

We’re all guilty of wanting to look better. Many try makeup, others try plastic surgery, and then there are some who rely on the technology to do the magic i.e. Photoshop. But while Photoshop may sound like a much safer alternative, you must think twice before you get yourself into it. Well, if you have made your mind then James [...]


A Gay Couple’s Heart-Warming Effort To Recreate Their Pride Photo After 25 Years Of Togetherness!

Living in the world we are a part of today can sometimes take a toll on the discreet and die-hard romantics. With the majority of the crowd questioning something as sacred as love and an ever increasing rate of divorce and break-ups, couples even in a happy relationship often find themselves probing their companionship. These questions [...]


Morgan’s Inspiration Island In Texas Becomes The World’s First Water Park For People With Disabilities!

Amusement and water parks are a constant reminder of the priceless childhood memories. The splashing around in the water, the adventure slides, the thrill of sliding from the drop slides and the fun of cooling off in the summer heat and the most important feeling of never wanting to go back home. But do you ever wonder how kids with [...]


Thanks To The Quick Thinking Of His Parents, A Two-Year-Old Survived The Fight Against Lethal Rattlesnake’s Venom!

When a baby is born, the parents wish all the world’s happiness for their child. They make sure that their newborn is in front of their eyes to keep them away from any harm. Parents always know when something is wrong with their kids. Be it a toddler, a teen or an adult, a parent always knows that something’s bothering their little [...]


This Little Girl Mistaking A Bride For Her Favorite Princess On The Streets Of Seattle Will Melt Your Heart!

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. They are inundated with imagery of princesses from movies, television shows and more, and thus, being a princess seems like the ultimate goal. You get to wear pretty dresses, have perfect skin, perfect hair and perfect makeup, and you get to wear a tiara! Nothing gets better than that. [...]