Meet The Earless Pit Bull, Calista, Whose Life Turned Around After She Met A New Loving Family!

When people have gone through a violent, traumatic experience, it can be difficult to believe that things will ever change for better. Aside from the physical and psychological scars, the victim is left with lifelong nightmares. This can be just as true for dogs as it is for the humans. It can be hard for pets who have such painful pasts [...]


These “Anti Engagement” Rings Are The Rage Among Women Who Are Embracing SELF LOVE

Engagement rings are glorious. They’re sparkly and pretty and make you feel like a total princess if presented with appropriate and grand romantic gestures, and also make your hands look like ten times more elegant. The only downside is you have to actually find and put up with someone for that. Which sounds like a load of faff we’re [...]


Awesome Parents Show Their Respect For Their Kid’s Sexuality In The Most Amazing Way This Pride Month!

Equality has always been an issue but the most troublesome of all is the fight for identity and recognition in the society that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have to do. Though times have changed and they continue to do so, there still exists a stigma that considers them unworthy, let alone at par, of being with us. [...]


This Python Broke Into A House And Won A Fair Fight But The Reward Was Not What You Would Expect!

Out of everything that exists on earth, the wild is the one that never fails to surprise or scare the hell out of us. For instance your pets, they will take every possible thing in your house as their toy of the moment made solely for their enjoyment. So, if something goes missing or is destroyed, the owners know who’s the culprit. [...]


Saved By A Stranger’s Act Of Kindness, The Story Of This Abandoned Kitty Will Melt Your Heart!

Sometimes we find ourselves in some difficult situations. Situations that put our real selves to test and determine the kind of human being we are. Those are the times when we need to step up our game and make a difference. The key is being aware of your surroundings, trusting your gut and, of course, being compassionate for those around [...]