Son Of World’s Richest Black Woman Marries His Model Girlfriend In A Stunning $5 Million Jamboree!!!

A wedding is indeed the most special and unforgettable day in any person’s life. A dream wedding with all the loved ones in attendance, the dainty flower decoration, the decadent delicacies from all around the world, an extravagant cake and a grand palace to lay the foundation of a dreamy life ahead by turning it into a fairy tale [...]


This Teen’s Hospital Bed Dance After A Successful Heart Transplant Is The Best Thing You Will See Today!

It’s often said that with hope you gain courage, with courage you gave confidence, and with confidence, there are no limits to what you can do. Well, when it comes to life and the second chances we get at it, a person needs all of these to excel. Only a few are courageous enough to turn things around the second time around and the [...]


A Presbyterian Missionary Couple’s Noble Decision Changed The Meaning Of Family For Five Kids!

Families look a lot different now than they did about 50 years ago. Since interracial marriages, adoption and foster care are extremely common these days, children with bad past experiences have a better chance of a fulfilling life. Also, all these bold steps are helping break the stigma that surrounds all these terms.  These notions are [...]


A Globetrotter By Nature But A Mama’s Boy At Heart, Jonathan Assures His Mum To Not Worry In The Most Ingenious Way!!!

Parents are designed to worry about their kids. No matter what the situation or the scenario, parents always fret over the well being of their child. And as kids we realize that they have our best interests at heart, but that doesn’t stop us from hating it. We often feel smothered and that tends to make us act out. Something [...]