People in South America prefer Wearing Colored Underwear, Find out what Traditional New Year Myth your Country has.

As December month starts each one of us keeps on waiting for the New Year celebrations with our friends & family. People from different regions have their our own style & traditions of celebrating New Year. Today we are exploring some of the unusual new year myths & traditions of people around the world.
1. Broken Plates (Denmark)
In Denmark, people save all unused dishes & plates until 31st December & also affectionately  smash them against the doors of their friends & family. The family who finds many broken dishes outside have maximum good friends & well wishers. Moreover, marzipan ring cake & traditional dishes are also served among people in the New Year ‘s Eve.
2. Eating 12 Grapes (Spain)
In Spain, people try to stuff grapes in their mouth in the midnight & one who is able to stuff 12 grapes in his mouth has achieved good luck for the upcoming year.  Just give it a try this new year as it might work for you also.
3. Colored Underwear (South America)
In some South American countries, people prefer wearing colored underwear in the new year as according to them it will determine their fortune for the whole year.  Moving into details Red underwear means you will find love, gold means wealth & white signifies peace.
4. Dropping Icecream (Switzerland)
In Switzerland people celebrate New Year by dropping Ice Cream on the floor to ensure that coming year will be filled with luck, peace & wealth. Moreover, some people dress in new costumes in order to draw bad spirits & draw in good ones.
5. Coin Tossing (Romania)
In Romania, people throw their spare coins into the river to get good luck. Children decorate small branches with artificial flowers of various colors & touch them with elders to congratulate them with best wishes for the New Year.
6. Throw Water Buckets (Puerto Rico)
In some parts of Puerto Rico, people throw buckets full of water out of their windows as they believe that it will drive away evil spirits.
7. Sweet Coins (Bolivia)
In Bolivia, people found their luck in the coins which are baked into sweets. It is said that the person who finds the coins in the cake has better luck for an upcoming year.
8. Pancakes (France)
French people like to keep things simple & delicious, so every new year they eat up a lot of Pancakes.
9. Suitcases (Columbia)
In Columbia people love travelling, so they carry suitcases with them on the very first day of a new year in hopes of having a travel filled year.
10. High Jump (Denmark)
In Denmark, people have their own style to cheer up & welcome the new year. They climb on the chairs & simply jump into the New Year to bring good luck.
11. Cemetery Sleepover (Chile)
In Chile, most of the families spend the night by sleeping at the cemetery in the company of their deceased loved ones.
12. Animal Whispering (Romania)
Farmers in Romania try to communicate with their cows, but it’s strange  that if they succeed in communicating, it means they will face bad luck for the rest of the year.
13. Bread Power (Ireland)
People in Ireland hit the walls with bread as they believe that it will get rid of evil spirits.
14. Furniture Disposal (South Africa)
In South Africa various people throw furniture out of the window, no one knows why?
15. Metal Casters (Finland)
In Finland, people anticipate the new year by casting molten tin into a bucket of water & after that, they interpret the obtained shape.
16. Effigy Burning (Panama)
An effigy of U.S. President Barack Obama is burned
In Panama effigies of famous people are burnt as that’s the way they think to start the new year off with good luck.
17. First Footing (Scotland)
In Scotland, the first person who crosses the threshold of a home carries a gift with him for good luck. If you also like this nice & innovative way to start a new year, begin this trend at your home.
18. Eating for Abundance (Estonia)
Overweight man with his hands on his waist.
In Estonia, people eat seven times on new year’s day to ensure abundance in the new year. They don’t even care about their stomach which could get upset in order to follow this strange trend.
19. Round things (Philippines)
In the Philippines, people believe that everything should be round so as to represent coins & bring wealth. People in the Philippines are vastly money minded as they prefer to wear round clothes & even eat round fruits on the new year day.
20. Takanakuy Festival (Peru)
Every year in the end of a year, people of a small village in Peru literally fight to settle their differences & start the new year on a clean state.
So these were the strange new year traditions all around the world & we can also implement some of them in our New Year Celebrations to boost our joy.