Photographer Dad Creates Horror Photos Together With His Daughters!

This world is not big enough for everyone’s dreams .Some  people will always be left behind , for the want luck or for the want of trying.Happiness comes at a price .Hope inevitably leads to despair . We can’t at all be winners , can we? That’s how we are all designed to fight each others , to do everything to comes out on  top.
In this tragic modern  world , there is only one thing that has universal emotional appeals art. Be it through  the voice of an eighty – year- old man or the disjointed drawing of a seven – year – old child , art has the ways of piercing the walls that people put up around themselves .
Gone are the days when parents could afford to hovers over his child for an hour .Unlike an adult , material satisfaction holds no importance for children.They only desire the company of their parents , the absence of which leaves them emotionally vulnerable .It is imperative vulnerable. It is imperative for the parents to find the ways to include their kids in their hectic lifestyles so that they don’t feel left out.
Hoffine photographers from Kanas city has found out the way to include his daughters in his busy schedules and is turning the nightmares into reality through them.