This is what the pizza guy does when refused a tip. It's hilarious!

The pizza guy who just drove 20 minutes through harrowing traffic only to deliver your order on time deserves a certain amount of gratuity. And what’s better way to thank him than offering him a generous tip? Waiters, pizza delivery guys, bar tenders and all the akin people from the hospitality sector don’t get paid much, which is why it becomes imperative for them to rely on tips mostly to pay their bills. The least we can do for their infallible hospitality is to offer them some tip in appreciation for all the service they have rendered to make your meal a pleasant one.

This funny prank video is about one such pizza delivery guy who goes to school and pays the tuition all by himself. While most of the customers tipped the guy fairly for his services, there are others who failed to show any amount of appreciation for all the hurdles he had to overcome in order to deliver their orders. This is what he does when refused a tip. This video is sure to tickle your funny bone at all lengths.

Watch it here.