Plus-sized model poses in front of the camera. What follows next is AMAZING!

Gear up, girls… coz’ “big” is the new sexy!

Odds are that you are plus-sized, and those skinny frilled cardigans that you find sexy don’t seem to fit. Well, what if I told you that your perception of sexy doesn’t hold good anymore? Loey Lane, a plus-sided model will tell you why.

Often deemed fat and ugly, model Loey Lane who has been unmoved and unperturbed by the impossibly unrealistic standards of beauty, will make you proud of your every curve. While to look good is all that a woman wants, the body of an average American woman doesn’t seem to fit the bill for “sexy”— a term which has been until now bestowed only to the skinny counterparts of the fairer sex. Many of us will relate with this girl’s story because no matter how much we hate to admit it, but the hard hitting truth is that size zero is still a dream unrealistic for us.

But tell you what, girls, you don’t need to worry about how you look the next time you slip into something you like. Just like Loey did, all you need to do is to overcome your eating disorder and learn to love your body. All those ruthless giggles will soon mean nothing to you anymore. And of course, this beauty tip comes with a secret. Loey, who is plus-sized, was strong enough to pose in her bathing suit, and this took her one step further. So, it’s all about confidence, you see. You are beautiful, I can vouch on that one, and if Loey’s story doesn’t inspire you nothing else will.

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