Pokemon Tattoos – The Next Big Thing For Geeks! Catch 'Em All!

If you were in your teens in the early 2000s, you surely must have watched the famous cartoon series Pokemon on telly. What you also must have thought while you watched it was whether Pokemon were for real and if you could really catch them?
Well, John Hanke, the creator of the viral game Pokemon GO just gave you this opportunity to live that dream of catching a Pokemon. This game went viral within a couple of days of its release last week and the internet is full of memes, jokes, trolls, and whatnots of this epic game that has the world literally running around catching Pokemons.
If the game has inspired you already to be a Poke-catcher, you must take this craze to the next level. How? Tattoos is the best option methinks. Getting inked with your favourite Pokemon character might just be the best way to show off your new found love for the game and the cartoon series.
1. Magical Magikarp!

1 magikarp
Magikarp is a great pokemon tattoo, but the only condition is that the tattoo artist needs to make the drops perfectly!

2. Fiery Ponyta!
2 ponyta
Ponyta is a cutie but can be real dangerous with all the fire show it has in store!

3. Sylveon!
3 sylveon
Love how the colours turn up on this one!

4. The Angry Pikaaaa!
4 pikachu
Pikachu is the most electrifying pokemon and can kill with its shocks and cuteness!

5. Pixelated Pikachu!
5 pika
Nobody knew Pikachu and Mario would be such good friends!