What You Eat During Your Pregnancy Effects Your Baby's Eating Habits!

It is a pretty commonly known fact, that what mothers eat during the pregnancy period has an effect on the child’s health. But it is also true that the hormones during the pregnancy period can also have a weird effect on the mother’s eating habits and induce weird cravings! But what  most women don’t realize is that these weird cravings can have major side effects on their baby’s health. Studies have revealed that women who drink diet fizzy drinks during pregnancy are more likely to have overweight children!
A study conducted in the University of Manitoba, Canada did a research on 3000 mothers. What they found in their research was that there was a link between mothers drinking artificial sweeteners and kids turning out to be overweight at the age of 12 months. It turns out, those mothers who drank diet fizzy drinks were twice as likely to have a baby who was overweight when they were 12 months old.
The logic behind this is that children, who are exposed to artificial sweeteners in the womb, develop a sweet tooth. This leads to them consuming too much calorie-heavy food when they are born. Even after this experiment, the scientists claim that they have no proof to support their findings. This is because  their research merely looked at trends between diet in pregnancy and their child’s weight, rather than the biological links between the two.
There have been studies on rats that indicate that babies whose mothers had been fed artificial sweeteners demonstrated a preference for sweet foods and went on to put on weight. The scientists behind this experiment write in a pediatrics journal: ‘To our knowledge, our results provide the first human evidence to support these findings, suggesting that prenatal nonnutritive sweeteners exposure may contribute to infant weight gain and early childhood obesity.’
What the team found out was that 30 per cent of mothers reportedly drank artificially sweetened drinks – including diet fizzy drinks and sweetened tea and coffee. About 5 per cent drank these drinks daily, and these women’s children were twice as likely to be overweight at the age of 12 months, compared to those whose mothers never drank diet drinks. However, the same trends were not seen among women who drank normal fizzy drinks or hot drinks sweetened with sugar.The team wrote: ‘Given the current epidemic of childhood obesity and the widespread consumption of artificial sweeteners, further research is warranted to replicate our findings … and study the underlying biological mechanisms.’
This study has received a lot of flake and opposition as well. There are experts that claim that women who drink diet fizzy drinks are more likely to become overweight and they merely pass this problem on to their children. Statisticians claim that the numbers have been fixed to suit this study. However, there are those experts too that call this experiment insufficient to allow for a proper conclusion, and call for more research on the topic.
Even though this particular experiment might have not been conclusive enough, one can be rest assured that there is no smoke without fire. Water is probably the best way to stay hydrated. So, instead of going for the less healthy options of complex sugars. The health of your baby is in your hands and we are sure that you do not want to mess with them! So go for the healthier option, today!
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