These 10 pregnancy hacks can save the day for you

The pains of pregnancy can only be understood by a woman. No doubt, it’s the best time of your life, apart from tying the knot, but there are some serious hormonal changes going on in our body at this phase, and it becomes really difficult to cope with the changes, unless…. We bring to you 10 awesome pregnancy hacks that can make your life easier that it was supposed to be. Here we go.

  1. Hair ties could prove to be your friend in deed.

    pregnancy 1

Wondering how to slip into your jeans with the protruding belly making it almost impossible? Easy, grab a hair tie or a rubber band and you can use it to hook your buttonhole onto the button. Could be used as zipper, as well.

  1. DIY a belly band out of an old tank top

    pregnancy 2

A great hack to extend the length of your top! Take an old tank top that you don’t use anymore, cut it in the form of a band, and Voila!