A random act of kindness gets this guy so much more in return. This is so sweet!

A good deed is never lost; no other example could better illustrate this fact than this. Even a random act of kindness will come around some day, probably when you need it the most. So never stand back from showing kindness and spreading the love; you never know when you might need it in return.

This is a very simple but motivating story of a young businessman who was too kind to give away his lunch to some street dog never expecting anything in return. The story goes like this. While buying food from a street food vendor, the guy spots a beautiful girl talking on the phone. She was so pretty that he couldn’t look away. Right that moment a hungry street dog approached him and begged for something to eat. Without a second thought the guy gave his food to the dog and walked away, not realizing how much it meant to the hungry pooch.

What followed next was a series of events that are really heart warming. The ever so grateful dog realized the guy’s random act of kindness and decided to pay him back in full. And the dog indeed gave his best, giving the guy a lot more in return— something the guy never expected, not even in his wildest dreams. This is probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever watched.

Watch the video below, and don’t forget to share the love.