Read this poignant story of this super dog who saved an ailing man's life

Eric O’Grey was traumatized by the excessive amount of flab he carried on his body and often received disgusted looks from people around him. He even turned to a nutritionist who advised him to feed on a plant-based diet and also adopt a shelter dog who would help him exercise. Though reluctant, he called up Humane Society Silicon Valley asking if they had a middle-aged obese dog so he could adopt him.
“In 2010 my doctor told me to buy a funeral plot because I would need one within the next five years.” said Eric. He was excessively obese and weighed over 300 pounds. The doctor told him that as he had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, his weight could be fatal for him in the coming 5 years.
The first day he brought Peety home from the shelter, they exchanged blank looks, clueless about what to expect. Gradually, both developed an inseparable bond between them and often used to go out for walks for about half an hour. Eric felt that the bond that he shared with his dog could not be expressed in words and was definitely more stronger than any bond with any other human.

Eric with his dog,Peety”Just by changing what I ate and walking with Peety, I lost hundred and forty plus pounds”, Eric mentioned. Peety, Eric’s dog was abandoned before he was adopted at the shelter. As he was also an obese dog and had no activity, he had arthritis in his knees. But walking with Eric brought and immense change in the lives of the duo.

Peety was diagnosed with Cancer and his end was inevitable. Though Eric knew his end was approaching, he still wasn’t prepared for his demise and he keeps in his memories till date. He has adopted another dog from the shelter but still holds Peety close to his heart. He often ponders upon the question of who rescued who.
Watch this incredible video to know more about how Eric’s life changed and what had really happened to Peety. It will surely leave you teary eyed.

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