Really Odd Things Found At The Bottom Of Lakes

Lakes are beautiful. They also usually serve as picnic spots as well as swimming points. With hundreds of people visiting lakes all day long, it stands to reason that some really weird stuff gets thrown into the water. But sometimes, the things found from the bottom of lakes are so odd and unbelievable, we wonder how they got there in the first place.

Here are a few examples that will surprise you.

Statue of Jesus:


A marble statue of Jesus was found by divers from the bottom of Lake Michigan. It was 11 feet long. How did the statue end up there? Your guess is as good as ours.

Nuclear weapons:


Nuclear antiques that belonged to the Nazis were found from the bottom of Lake Tinn.

Creepy mask:


Masks are creepy, no doubt about that. And if said mask is found from the bottom of a lake? The creepiness goes up several notches. A hideous, scary mask was found by a boy who was searching for clams underwater.

Scary skeletons:


This is perhaps the weirdest thing ever found at the bottom of a lake. The skeletons were tied to chairs and were wearing glasses and wigs. The only comforting news is that they were fake skeletons.

Ancient tombstones:


Tombstones belonging to 1800s were found at the bottom of Lake Buchanan. So where there is a lake now, there used to be a graveyard back then.

Huge mound:


At the bottom of Sea of Galili, there is a huge mount. Its size is double to that of Stonehenge.

Holes on the side of Lake Baikal:


Lake Baikal is four miles deep lake. When hot water on the lake rises, it causes the appearance of hole in the lake’s sides. This occurs only on the surface of the lake and not in its deeper parts.

Underwater city:


This was found in 2001, off the Cuban coast.

Hug monument:


It was discovered off the Japanese coast and is named Yonaguni monument.

Cars with dead bodies:


From the bottom of Foss Lake, two cars were found. Each car had three dead bodies in it. No wonder the lake is now known as Death Lake.