7 Irrefutable Reasons For Rise In Number Of Rapes In India!

Rape is a serious problem all over the world & on seeing a large number of Rape cases in various parts of India it seems that Rape is a joke in India. Some people term Delhi as Rape capital of India as most of the Rape cases stem from the capital state Delhi only. However, Studies show that rapes happen as some men are insecure, afraid of being rejected by a woman & they feel that the woman gender should be under their control, so they rape.
We have found some genuine reasons for the continuous rise in rapes cases in India.

1. Inadequate police force

India has among those countries which have only 1 Cop for around 1000 people. Moreover, most of the cops are engaged in protecting the politicians & bureaucrat.

2. Few Courts & Judges

Even if a cop catches the criminal, it takes a long time to bring him to the justice as only a few hundred judges are there in a court for millions of people.

3. Poor Sex Ratio

In certain parts of our capital Delhi, there are around 85 girls for every 100 guys which means around 15+ guys will go unmarried. Some of them get into depression or act violently.
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