Roads That Go From India To International Places

If you want to travel to another country from India, you may not have considered traveling via road. But these roads are so beautiful, the trip itself is worth making the effort. So get your vehicle started. You will not regret it.

1 – India to Sri Lanka:


This travel can be made via Rameshwaram Bridge. The bridge, once complete, will be over the Ram Setu River.

Reviews of the bridge:

The bridge will be a sight to behold. With deep water underneath and picturesque beauty all around you, this is not a trip you will soon forget.

2 – Delhi to Lahore:


This trip can be made on your car or you can take a bus. Either way, the journey is one worth making.


There is an evening parade at Wahga Border that is quite amazing. The road itself is well-made and beautiful.

3 – Kolkota to Bangladesh:


This trip can be made via bus.

History of this road:

For 43 years after partition, no road linked the two countries. Now, another road is being developed that connects Kolkota to Agartala and Dhaka.

4 – Siliguri to Thimpu:


This road connects India to Bhutan.


The roadside scenery is breath-taking. The road itself is in good condition, if a little dangerous. The road has been describes as one of the most beautiful ones in the world.

5 – New Delhi to Kathmandu:


This road makes for an exciting trip. The road itself is dangerous, with many sharp twists and turns.


The road travels over the Himalayan Mountains. Needless to say, the beauty that you will experience during this trip is of another level entirely. There are many spots where you can take photos, to make this trip even more memorable. However, keep in mind that the turns are sharp and dangerous and the driver has to be very careful at all times.

6 – India to Burma:


This road is known as Ledo Road.


The road was built during the Second World War, so it is quite an old one. The beauty of the road lies in the fact that it is present at 3,500 feet and hence the scenery is quite amazing.