Rub Your Fingers For 1 Minute And See How Your Health Changes After This!

Your hand is the mirror of your future and past as per palmistry and astrology but biologically your hand treasures the reflex points of the whole body which can help you to be in pink of health. Although pain killers are handy and may seem an easy option for pains caused due to daily chores but they have their side effects and are even not advisable by doctors for frequent consumption. Therefore pressing the pressure points in your hands can ease you from pain and relax your body but it is not advisable to be used as the only cure.  The Chinese study elucidate that our body has 340 known pressure points out of which 28 points are in our hand. You must have also noticed that when we rub our palm continuously it gives us relieving effect, this is because rubbing the palms stimulates different pressure points in our palm. The below mentioned points will enlighten you about different energy centers on your hand which you can massage and alleviate yourself from various chronic nuisances.


  • Hand Valley Point

The area between your index finger and thumb can ease you with most common problems viz. stress, migraines, headaches, shoulder tension, toothache, constipation and neck pain. Therefore pressing the area frequently may amazingly aid you with these problems.


  • Base of thumb point

If you have breathing troubles and coughing problem, regular stimulation of the point at the base of thumb and just above the wrist can be great relief.

  • Wrist Point

If you are emotionally drained and feel stressed pressing the wrist point which is located on the wrist aligning with the pinky finger can help you distress. Putting firm pressure for sometime on this point on regular basis can be good for your emotional well being.

  • Inner gate point

There are some people whose nausea gets triggered with every wacky thing or while travelling in bus or hilly area. Pressing this point can help you control the nausea and stimulating this point recurrently may assuage problems, stomach pain, nausea and anxiety.

  • Thumb Nail Point

This point is the threshold to optimism as pressing the outside lower corner of thumb nail flushes all the negative thoughts out of the body.

Apart from these major points you can press different points on the hand to unburden yourself from different troubles and pains. The Jin Shin Jyutsu Chinese practice of holding fingers can further provide you instant relief from the tsunami of negative emotions which attack us daily and agitate are emotional and health balance. The ten fingers are alleged to control 14400 functions within the body with different ways of holding. Let us have a look of some major benefits from holding the fingers individually

  • Index Finger

For overcoming the Fear hold your index finger for some time. By practicing it regularly you can shun bizarre thoughts, depression, digestive issues and discomforts in wrist, elbow and upper arm.


  • The Middle Finger

If you want to hold your anger then quickly press the middle finger. The prolonged practice of holding this finger can aid you against mental fatigue and forehead discomforts.


  • The Ring finger

Feeling Sad? Then hold your ring finger and release all the negative emotions out of your body.


  • The pinky finger

Want to hide up your emotions; the quickest way to do it is hold your pinky finger.


  • The Thumb

Wash out worry, obsession, hatred, anxiety by holding your thumb. In addition to this holding thumb habitually may abet breathing and digestive discomforts.

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