This Boy Complained of Severe pain in his mouth. What doctors discovered is COMPLETELY SHOCKING. Watch VIDEO

There are some kinds of news that send a shock wave in our body, just like the one that we are about to share with you today. It is a shocking story of a boy named Ashik Gawai, aged a mere 17. years. This boy experienced something very peculiar and weird about a week ago. To put into words simply, he basically complained of hard swelling in his jaw, causing him difficulty with eating, swallowing, drinking and even talking or lying down.
His parents gauged the intensity of the situation and consulted many doctors in their vicinity, but none of them could clearly identify what had been causing this young man such abhor misery and unbearable pain. After consulting local doctors who couldn’t figure out the reason of his condition, he was finally taken to a hospital in Mumbai by his father for expert consultation, completely unaware of what news awaited them!
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The medical team in Mumbai was a very experienced one and they took up the case immediately after seeing the boy’s condition and pain. They started examining his mouth and tried finding out the root cause of the swelling.