She Gave Birth To The World's First Surviving Septuplets. Here They Are 19 Years Later

When a women conceives, she has set her heart with hopes and dreams for her baby. A woman fights all odds, all the trouble she endures for nine months, so that the baby is safe in her womb. When we hear tales of surviving babies, after facing all odds stood out like a rock star, we start believing in the power of miracles, in faith of prayers and hopes against despair.

This is the story of Bobbi McCaughey, and dates back to 1997, when medical facilities were not as advanced as today. When she discovered that she was carrying not one, but seven babies in her womb, she did not know how to react. From there on, life has been a roller coaster ride for them. She was doubtful whether the seven will actually make it to this world. It was the first of its kind not only for her, but also for the doctors.
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Call it a miracle or destiny, but luckily all the seven babies have survived. When her seven bundles of joy arrived in this world, all hale and hearty, her elation knew no bounds. She was in seventh heaven after delivering world’s first surviving septuplets. She had so many emotional events that it was difficult to forget. This miracle shook the entire world. Bobbi’s story took her to the cover of the Time Magazine.  These seven babies made headlines even after they were born. They made their television debut, when they were just four days old. The whole world witnessed their growing years. their joys and triumphs.
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Now, nineteen years have flown by and all the tiny babies have all grown up in beautiful siblings. They are in their senior year of High School. The Today Show interviewed Bobbi and her husband Kenny, she revealed, her heart warming story. Bobbi broke into tears when she recollected her journey, the memories which she saved for 19 long years. She said she was very apprehensive when she thought of her seven babies, who are all grown up  now. Her husband, Kenny,  said that he wanted a normal family. He did not want to be a part of any reality TV shows. But over the years America has seen them grow up.
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Bobbi revealed that she is scared that now they are all grown up and will choose their respective careers and chose their path. She wanted them to be babies again. Bobbi was in tears because so much has happened when she was pregnant. She has so many memories, of joy and of hardships. She believes that’s what God has chosen for her. Kids,  when asked about how it was be called as Septuplets answered that it was a good feeling to grow up together. They are never lonely and some one was always there for them. Bobbi and Kenny have a big task ahead with kids growing up and starting their college. They have to think about their tuition fees and their education. But Bobbi is unfazed by all this. She believes in the power of God and he is there like a rock to help them. Bobbi and Kenny are glad that the kids have turned out great with their parenting.
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This was God’s way of answering her prayers. Bobbi’s story will inspire many mothers in future. It gives us hope that sometimes things can work, and God does answer our prayers. If you have faith in him, then he leads the road ahead for you. Bobbi and Kenny are the living example of how you faith and prayers can move mountains. Life will give you challenges at every step. It is up to you to face those challenges and hurdles and stand out like rock. Take that leap of faith. Do not take anything for granted. Life can surprise you and shock you at times. Their life is nothing short of a Hollywood story.
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