She took a picture of herself everyday for 1 year! The last picture of this pretty girl will BREAK YOUR HEART!

This pretty girl did an experiment and took one picture of herself everyday for 6 continuous years, But this simple looking experiment became an important lesson of awareness for millions of people across the world!
An unknown woman with the user name – fero061982 posted a video on famous video site – Youtube named “Jedna fotografija dnevno u najgoroj godini života” . This title translated to English means – “One photo a day in the worst year of my life”
This photo includes a time lapse video of all the pictures she took through the entire year in 2012. She took pictures in the year 2012, and it went viral in the year 2013, and still continues to be a super hit video, receiving several hits every single day!
The first of her photos depict a beautiful young woman smiling and posing in front of the camera. She looks cheerful, calm and none the less Pretty!
However, as the photos continue to move in the video, she soon appears with bruises and cuts on her face. She is no longer seen smiling in the video, clearly indicating the depression and misery she had been trying to portray.

#1. Here she looks pretty, with a little smile, appearing very calm


#2. Here it seems like she is going to some place – in a lovely hat and red lip color


3. This picture looks like it was taken casually in her house

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