She Wraps Her Thighs With Saran Wrap And The Next Morning.Totally Unexpected Results!

In today’s era when everybody wants to lose some weight, many slimming products and ways are in vogue. But most of us prefer the things which have fewer side effects and makes weight loss a piece of cake. This is the reason people are getting inclined towards saran body wraps. Saran is commonly known as plastic and in this method a cling foil is used to wrap the fatty area like belly, thighs or arms. The saran body wrap gives support to our weight loss endeavors on the principles of sweating. The professional of this method allege that when the plastic is wrapped around the troublesome area of body after the application of some herbal oil or cream overnight, the sweat detoxifies the body and thus induces weight loss.

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Nicole Skyes is a prominent youtuber who runs a series “Beauty hack or wack” on her youtube channel. She has been avid in investigating many beauty hacks in her show and recently she engaged herself in testifying the saran body wraps for its high flying results.

Instead of going to spa and spending fortune in this technique she determined to do it herself. Nicole decided to put the body wrap around her belly and thigh area.  Before applying the wrap she massaged extra virgin coconut oil liberally on her belly and thighs.

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She then wrapped her belly and thigh area with the cling foil which is commonly available at home.

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