Shelter Kitten And Puppy Save Each Other's Lives In The Most Amazing Manner!

The shelter home for animals in Virginia witnessed an addition of two new members on October 3rd. One was a puppy and the other was a kitten. Co-incidentally, both of them were brought in on the same date even when they had no connection or relation with each other. Fortunately, the people at the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center, Virginia feel glad as they have been successful in giving a new home to the abandoned pets.
Nugget, the puppy and Chicky, the kitten, were admitted to the foster home just a few days back, yet they are completely loving it. Not only do they like it because they get a healthy and a safe environment there to put up, but also they found a companion in each other.
The shelter director, Lindsey Huffman, adds, “We could get nothing done while they were with us. They are about the cutest things I have ever seen!”
The director also mentions that Chicky, was found abandoned. Even though it was found stray, it was still in a healthy state.
It was an entirely different story in case of Nugget. The director continues, “She was brought to the shelter early one morning by a man who was in tears because she was dying and just needed help. Nugget was unconscious; her glucose levels and body temperature were too low even to register. Even after being given fluids and other treatment, she did not even begin to open her eyes or lift her head for several hours.”
Nugget was taken home by a member at the shelter. When the staff member took it home, he was in constant charge of looking after it. Day in night out, he kept an eye on it. The better the pup’s health got, the more attention it demanded. So everyday, the staff person used to be awake only to look after Nugget.
He adds, “She was whiny and upset to the point someone had to hold her all the time. In a busy shelter this wasn’t possible.”


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Chicky was still at the shelter and was all by itself. It was caged and her loneliness was evident. So the staff at the shelter thought of a brilliant idea!
He says, “They immediately started nuzzling one another and later started playing. Match made in heaven!”


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Since then Chicky and Nugget have been best of friends and are looked after by Leti Hansen, the shelter’s veterinarian.
She reports that even though it is quite unnatural, both the animals continue to be each other’s BFFs. She adds, “They are awesome.”


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Nugget and Chicky would be ready to be adopted in a couple of weeks as the shelter has rolled out the applications. Anybody from any place can adopt them, but only together. Also the people are required to visit the shelter once in order to proceed with the adoption formalities.