Should Hindi be Made Compulsory in All the Schools and Colleges Across India?
Our Country India is a Multilingual Nation as it has 22 languages. Though Hindi is spoken in almost all parts of India, none of the schools in India have made Hindi compulsory till the senior secondary level education.
Moreover, many states still continue to oppose Hindi and their students neither know how to read, write or speak Hindi. They are not even putting some efforts to know about this language.
Likewise In India, the numbers of Hindi medium schools are decreasing at a rapid rate now because everyone wants to speak good English to get good employment. So there is a dire need to make our national language Hindi a regular subject in schools and colleges all over India.
The Indian government is also trying hard to promote Hindi and they have directed that all employees should be well versed in Hindi. Moreover, they have also decided to install Hindi software in the systems of government offices all over India. Furthermore, many leaders support the fact that Hindi should be learned by the students throughout India.

Some of the important facts that every person should know about the Hindi language:

  • Hindi is the 5th most widely spoken language in the world.
  • Indian constitution states that Hindi should be the official language of India.

  • Previously India was also known as ‘Hindustan’ which implies that India is a land of Hindi speaking people. Moreover before Independence Hindi was considered to be the official language.
  • Around 75 percent of people in India reside in villages and they are aware of Hindi language.
  • Language Hindi is widely spoken in all major parts of the world where most of the Indians are living happily.
  • Some of the words like ‘Guru’, ‘ Jungle’,’ Karma’, ‘Yoga’, ‘Bungalow’, ‘Cheetah’, ‘Loot’ and ‘Avatar’ have been borrowed from Hindi.

  • The Hindi language includes 11 vowels and 33 consonants. Hindi is one of the seven languages that can be used to make web addresses.
  • Word Hindi is derived from Persian word ’hind’ meaning of which is ‘Land of Indus river’.

  • Hindi was adopted as the official language by the constituent assembly on 14th September 1949. Furthermore, this day is now celebrated as Hindi day.
  • Bihar became the first state of India to adopt Hindi as they replaced Urdu with Hindi as its sole official state language in 1881.

  • The first book in Hindi named ‘Prem Sagar’ was published in 1805 which tells the deeds of lord Krishna.
  • In Hindi words are written as they are pronounced as every character has a different sound. Moreover, Hindi is written in left to a right pattern similar to European Languages.

  • Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had chosen Hindi as the official language of India in 1965.
  • Hindi was known by different names at various stages of its progression. However, it was named as Apabhramsa at its earliest stage.

President George W. Bush

  • George Bush, former president of USA has allocated a budget of $114 million for teaching Hindi in the US.
  • Hindi is often referred to as nation’s collective voice because of its wide use by the freedom fighters of India.
  • Scientists in India have discovered that language Hindi is good for your brain as reading Hindi involves more areas of the human brain than the English.
After knowing all these interesting facts about the great Indian language Hindi, I am sure everyone would suggest making Hindi as compulsory subject across India. Furthermore, everyone who had studied Hindi in their schools knows that one doesn’t have to work too hard to learn Hindi. However, one who wants to learn this subject later in their lives can study it using various mobile apps and with the help of Online Study Centers.
All popular Indian serials and Bollywood movies have been made in Hindi & you can enjoy all those Super hit movies after you learn Hindi. In a research, it is found that many foreigners also feel to learn Hindi so that they can watch Bollywood films because of their popularity.
Hindi is the simplest source of expression of our Nation. So all Indian students must learn it & say it loud that we are proud to speak the Hindi language.
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