Spookiness at its scariest : An encounter with Spirit

Holy Spooks! Was that a ghost?!

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The question of whether the paranormal forces exist or not, is a tricky one. Not because people are still trying to prove their existence but if they actually do prove that they exist, that eerie feeling of being-in-the-presence-of-something-unexplainable, will be a constant feeling for me. Yikes!
I was on the fence about the existence of evil (or angelic) spirits, Casper or any other friendly or unfriendly ghosts. But something happened about 12 years ago, to my own father, that we can’t explain till today.
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My father was a diabetic and hence took his morning runs seriously. He would wake up early and start his regime before the crowds came in. One winter morning, he said that he woke up as usual. Got dressed and left home. It was unusually dark, but he assumed that it was normal for winter mornings to be dark. In a little while he realized that most of his buddies who he would see everyday were nowhere to be seen. It was highly unlikely that everyone slept in on that particular morning. He carried on thinking that his friends would catch up later.
Our home was close to an extremely green and beautiful area, almost like a forest. My father had been going for his morning jogs for years to this area, was familiar with most parts of this large forest-like area. But on that particular morning, it seemed a little spooky.

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He reached an area where the streetlights were not working so decided to turn back. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. When he turned he saw nobody. That spooked the daylights out of my father, who wasn’t exactly the kind of guy who would easily get scared. He started walking back, towards a decently lit area, when he heard somebody call out his name. When he looked back, he saw a lady walking towards him. It was really weird because he didn’t see anybody in that area a few seconds earlier, let alone a lady who knew his name! He started running really fast and realized that this lady was still following him. Somehow, he got away and made it back to an area where he saw a few rikshaws and cabs.
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He got himself a cab and tried to make sense of what he had just experienced. He happened to check the time, once he got home and realized that it was only 4.00 am! Which means, that he started at about 3.00 am! Ummm… 3.00 am? Ring a bell? Exorcism of Emily Rose? Hour of the Devil?
Till today, none of us can explain this experience that my father had. Makes me want to believe that may be, just may be, that eerie feeling happens for a reason?