Street Art Around The World That Will Mesmerize Your Soul!

Graffiti and Street Art, though closely related, have completely different audience. A graffiti artist is usually not interested in showcasing his work to the public. He also doesn’t care much about public opinion or feedback. The audience he actually wants to speak to include other graffiti artists.Whereas, street art, being another form of subversive art, is more inclined towards public appreciation; much like Mona Lisa.
Just like the change in dialect that occurs after every few miles, the theme and the methodology of street art also changes with the region. Approved by the government, street art is strategically done at locations where it is most visible to the public with blend of colors being the most obvious base in these art forms. Shown below are a few of these colorful and mesmerizingly beautiful street arts from all around the world.
#1. Killing Zika amidst the art

Street Art: Florida

A mosquito control inspector in Miami-Dade County, Florida walks through the beautiful street art while spraying pesticide to kill mosquitoes. It is evident that the county is trying its best to get hold of the Zika virus outbreak.
#2. Pushing or Pulling
Street Art: Illinois

Clicked in November 2014, the detailing in the art of this picture showcase the hardships, a factory worker has to go through. The photograph is of Pullman neighborhood from Chicago, Illinois.
#3. Tiger in a Tiger country
Street Art: India

Marco Clement, a French artist, giving final touches to the mural of a tiger. This art can be witnessed in Bengaluru city of India. The ferociousness followed by a hint of calmness as portrayed by the tiger matches the personality of the people of the country.

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