Surprising Facts About India That You Never Knew

India is a huge country, and one rich in culture and traditions. It has a deep history and a widely diverse population. You may think you know a lot about the nation, but you will be surprised to learn these few interesting facts.

1 – Men May Move To Their In-Laws!

India 1

In some regions like Lakshadweep, after marriage a man leaves his house and moves in with his wife and her parents!

2 – Space Program:

India 2

Indian space programs ranks among the top 5 in the world. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

3 – No National Game:

India 3

Indians love all sorts of sports, particularly cricket, but India does not have any game as its national one.

4 – Invention of USB:

India 4

USB, something that has become an essential part of our lives, was invented by an Indian American named Ajey V. Bhatt.

5 – Land Of Movies!

India 5

Bollywood is extremely famous, but did you know that Indian film industry (including regional films) produces the greatest number of movies in the world?

6 – Complex Maths!

India 6

If you hate calculus as well as trigonometry, you have India to blame! These fields were invented by Indian scientists.

7 – Most Populous School:

India 7

The City Montessori School has the highest number of students in any school in the world! The school, situated in Lucknow, had 39,437 students in 2011.

8 – English-Speaking People:

India 8

India is second only to America in having the greatest number of English-speaking population. That’s right; more Indians speak English than native English-speaking countries like Australia or England.

9 – Ben Kingley’s Descent Is From India:

India 9

His birth name was Krishna Pandit Bhanji.

10 – Dolphins Have Rights!

India 10

Dolphins are highly intelligent beings, and also endangered ones. This is why in India it is banned to hunt dolphins or keep then as captives. Indian Government went so far as to declare that dolphins are “non-human persons’ and should be treated as such!

11 – Stamps With Your Picture On Them:

India 11

If you always envisioned being famous, you can get a small taste of it by getting official stamps made that have your picture on them.

12 – Invention Of Buttons:

India 12

Shirt buttons are so commonplace; we don’t even think where they came from. Buttons were invented by Indians ages ago.