This teenage girl complains about some guys at school. But when he drives away… I'm speechless!

One in every three women faces physical or sexual abuse at least once in their lifetime. No matter how strong or independent they have been raised to be, regardless of all the love and protection they have been pampered with all their lives, a girl will surely experience some kind of abuse or violence over the years, something that is worse than hell to live with.

Fathers, boys, this is something you really need to watch. Daughters, you darlings are being heard. On this eve of International Women’s Day, we bring to you this video of a teenage girl who asks a very crucial question to her dad.

There is a way to put a stop to this whole morbid affair, to bring an end to the misery women have been entitled to since antiquity. And the best part is that it doesn’t even need you to involve law or punishments to take care of the matter. Time it is for the dads, to whom the daughters look up to as heroes, to step up take matters in their own hands. It’s the dads who can make the world a better place by protecting their daughters against all odds, and teaching theirs sons to respect women. And just so you know- it costs nothing!

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