Terrorism Has No Religion: Top 7 reasons which prove Muslims are not Terrorists

Whenever there is a terror attack in any country of the world, even the common Muslim civilians get more and more paranoid with the fact that now the entire blame of that attack will fall on their community. No one but they will be adjudged as a terrorist; not only by the people from other religion around them, but also by the entire media and the government. They pray heart and soul so that the suspect doesn’t turn out to be someone belonging from their community. Just because a Muslim terror group takes the entire responsibility of the attack upon its shoulder doesn’t mean that the entire community is to be blamed!
Condemning all the Muslims for a series of terror activities began from the day of 11th September 2001 when the twin tower of the World Trade Centre in New York was crumbled into dust, to the infamous Mumbai Terror Attack on 26th November 2008 to the recent Paris Attack on 13th November 2015. Unpredictably almost all the suspects turned out to be a staunch follower of the Islam religion. The situation of the Muslims has worsened more with a recent terror group that has directly included the name in their organization (ISIS).
But the fact is that although all terrorists, unfortunately, turns out to be a Muslim, not all Muslims are terrorists. There are numerous peace loving and a simple man like us who equally hates the useless bombarding and genocides. We can resonate the famous dialogue from the movie My Name Is Khan where the protagonist boldly but simply states that “My Name Is Khan and I’m Not A Terrorist”.
There are some solid facts to prove that Muslims and terrorism are not synonymous. Let us see such examples which will prove this.
Few reasons which prove Muslims are not Terrorists

1. A recent article on Time Magazine said that even before the creation of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which is the most dreaded terrorist organization in the world, those belonging to Islam were condemning the barbaric attacks on the Middle Eastern countries like Palestine, Israel, Libya and Syria. Their main motto was to prove that Islam means faith and nowhere in the Quran are the killing of the innocent life is supported.


2. India which is considered to be the largest secular country in the world has a higher percentage of Muslim population than Hindus.


3. In countries like US and UK, Non-Muslims make up the majority of the terror group. Around 95% of the terrorist group in the US are Non-Muslims while, in the UK, the percentage of terror activity that is carried out by Muslims are a meagre 2-3%.


4. The famous Norway killing in 2011 which killed 77 people was carried out by a Christian spreading his anti-Islamic propaganda or the Buddhist extremist group killed millions of people in Burma and killed the Tamilians mercilessly in Sri Lanka have no link to Islam.image-21_800x571

5. A tragic but undeniable fact is that the vast majority of the Muslim population in the Islamic country are the victims of the terror activity. Recently we heard of Malala Yousafzai who was shot in Pakistan’s SWAT region for supporting women’s education.


6. Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi and other cities in the UAE region are considered the safest country in the world. This is a predominantly Muslim country and is administered on the basis of the Sharia Law.


7.  Islam is not only about terrorism. There are a number of highly educated Muslims who have a huge contribution in the field of art and science.

So, whenever you hear about a terror attack and the suspect being a Muslim, think twice before stigmatizing. Those are nothing but acts carried out by a group of fanatic Muslims.