The 8 Year Kid Donated His Hair To Kids Suffering from Cancer!!

There’s no doubt that we’ve come a long way,in the 20th century we have almost overcome every obstacle.  But there are things the best of technology or internet couldn’t solve, the long battle with diseases like cancer. Here’s a story that would move you.
Thomas Moore, an eight year boy saw his mom watching a youtube video  about a girl being sad over losing her hair to cancer. Having no idea about cancer but seeing someone almost some age crying over it induced the curiosity in him. He made his mother understand about the disease and how she lost her hair due to chemotherapy. Thomas, extremely saddened to know decided to grow out his hair.
It wasn’t planned for how long would he grow, or how many wigs would he make. But he kept going till the time he thought would make the girl happy. In his interviews, he mentioned that there were several occasions he felt like giving up but instead kept focusing on the reason he was doing it for. This all lead him to grow his hair for two long years.


When they hair grew longer they had to cornrow it to keep it nice and tame. The amount of hair he grew was astonishing and appreciable.


He explained in one of his interviews that he was happy to know that now his hair won’t get stuck in bushes while playing


He recently chopped his hair off and we’re glad to tell that three wigs were made.


Thomas’s aunt took this to the social media and the kid was well applauded for his act of selflessness


Kyssi Andrews, was the girl whose video  Thomas’s mom was watching, it was discovered that the girl has passed away. But her mother, Marla, appreciated Thomas’s act.


 Each ponytail was 16 inches tall. Angiela Pulos, Thomas’s mom expressed her feelings on facebook saying,”Myyyy baby! I’m so proud of him!” she wrote. “He’s breathing all hard and smiling so BIG right now!!!”

That’s not all, Derek Anderson, retired NBA player’s foundation, Acts of Kindness would be presenting him with an award for the same on October 14th at a gala.

These kind of act of selflessness and bravery are rare to spot. But these are the only kinds that inspire us and also give us hope for a better future.

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