The Loyalty Shown By This Amazing Dog Will Amaze You!! And Hopefully Put His Ex-family To Shame!!

“Loyalty is a two way street”— This is a quote that very few people understand, and even fewer live up to. We all want that our near and dear ones be loyal to us. Yet we somehow fail to do the same for them, often inadvertently. In the case of our pets, the emotion of loyalty is beyond comprehension at times. We often read about stories how pets come to the rescue and aide of their guardians. But when you read this story you will realize how badly we have failed at doing our part.
This is a story of a dog that was abandoned by his guardians on the roadside in Thailand. For whatever reason, his family left him on the road, never to return. The pooch, however, had no idea that he was abandoned. So he decided to stay at the spot and wait for his family to return for him. He was sure that he had been so loyal towards them, that his loyalty wouldn’t go down the drain.
People travelling on that road started noticing the odd behavior of this random canine. They saw him stand at the same exact spot, looking keenly at people passing by. Even after 2 months of waiting, his loyalty did not waiver. He stayed at his spot. Waiting for his family to return for him.

Loyalty Personified

Hunger, rain, heat….nothing seemed to affect this amazing dog. He continued to stay in his place. People living in the area took pity on the poor dog’s plight. Offering him umbrella’s to provide him shade from the scorching heat of 100° F. But the dog seemed too scared to use the shade—what if his owners came to his rescue and he was sitting in the shade!!??

Unwavering Loyalty

People even offered him food. He did eat, but the sadness was evident. The loyal dog missed his family beyond anything. It’s amazing how his own family abandoned him, yet there were people looking after him. People tried to get near him, to help him out. But the dog only longed for his family. He didn’t let people come too near to him.
It seemed all hope was lost for this poor dog, who had decided to wait tirelessly for his guardians, come what may. But no one from his family showed up. However, someone informed Soi Dog Rescue about the incredible story of this dog. Within a day rescuers came and took the dog to their shelter. Here, he was taken care of, rehabilitated and in a few days adopted.
Even though the story has a relatively happy ending, its really sad to see how cruel and heartless we humans can be. Dogs have proven their loyalty countless number of times. Yet we humans fail to appreciate these incredible beings, and their precious feelings. So many dogs still get abandoned everyday, countless are abused.
If you can’t take care of a dog, please  hand him over to the local dog shelter. If you see any case of animal abuse report it to your near-by authorities. We owe it to them, big time!