The New Mercedes will include these 11 Super Smart Technologies!

Hello, Friends! You might have read about the some future technologies & self-driving cars which will make our journey more enjoyable. Mercedes have made it possible as they are going to launch Mercedes-Benz E-class in 2017 which is loaded with semi-autonomous features for more comfortable & secure ride.
Let’s watch some of the unique smart features of the car that would be seen speeding on roads soon.

1. Cruise Control Function
On Highway Mercedes E-Class will drive itself at speeds of up to 130 miles per hour with its cruise control function. Just relax & enjoy your journey as the drive pilot system enables the car to follow the car in front of it at a set distance & speed.

2. Steering Pilot
The Steering Pilot which is also a part of Drive Pilot system allows the car to sense its surroundings. Moreover, it also helps the driver to steer the car correctly even when the lines on the road are not clear.

3. Active Lane Change
The active lane change assists feature helps the driver to change the lanes safely using the car’s radar & camera based system. The feature also assists in steering the vehicle into the desired lane & even turns on the signal itself when the driver takes a turn. Moreover, one more smart quality of Mercedes known as active lane keeping feature helps the driver to stay safe in a proper lane.

4. Active Brake Assist
The Active brake assist function will allow the car to apply the brakes & stop immediately in case of an emergency. The Cross Traffic function in this car can detect crossing traffic at intersections & apply brakes on its own.

5. The Evasive Steering Assist
The Evasive Steering assist directs the driver from over correcting or causing another accident while avoiding one. Moving into detail while avoiding a dangerous situation the Evasive steering assist adjusts the steering torque to help the driver guide the car back to safety.

6. The Radar Sensor System

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The Radar sensor system or active blind spot system constantly tracks the driver’s blind spot & will autonomously apply the brakes if needed. Actually, it detects another vehicle in the blind spot area & gives a warning signal in the glass of the side mirror to alert the driver. The Radar sensor system will also alert the driver with a warning sound when he continues to switch the lanes & if the driver still doesn’t acknowledge the warnings the car will steer away from the dangerous area & will apply the brakes itself.

7. Pre-Safe Impulse Side Featuretheautochannel.comThe Pre-Safe Impulse side feature protects the driver & passengers by putting as much space between them & the collision. The pre-safe feature does this by inflating the side of the seat that is closest to the inevitable collision, thus moving the driver & the passengers away from the collision.

8. The Attention Assistemercedesbenz.comThe Attention Assist uses sensors to study the driver’s driving style & create a profile for the driver within first few minutes of driving. Moreover, the attention assist sends an alert automatically if the driver is not paying attention to driving or if he is tired. Thus, the alert will continue till he comes back to his perfect driving style to keep him awake.

9. Mercedes Smartphone app
Now no worries to park your favorite Mercedes car as the owner can also use Mercedes smartphone app to command the car to park itself. Likewise, the car will come back to him from parking spot itself when he desires.

10. Car to X Technology
Furthermore, the newest Mercedes has Car to X technology which lets the car exchange information with infrastructure, traffic lights & other connected vehicles. This technology of wireless exchange allows the driver to know about the possible dangerous situations ahead. For Eg: the driver would get an information about an accident or landslide ahead so that he could change his routes on time.

11. Multibeam LED Headlight Technology
Each LED in Mercedes E class consists of  84 tiny LED’s which are individually controlled which means that the lights will never blind the oncoming drivers even on high beam. However inside the car, the driver will have the options of choosing between 64 different colors of interior ambient lighting. In addition, the driver can use touch or voice commands to make all adjustments & there is also a wireless charging built in front console to power your phones effortlessly.

12. 3D surround sound system
The 3D surround sound system includes four additional speakers built into the roof, two in front & two in the back also to give immensely high music pleasure.
gtsspirit.comGuys who have high earning potential can rush for Benz in 2017 & those who are still dreaming of buying the car must keep on believing in themselves as one day the dreams that you wish will come true for sure.