This Looks Like The Photo Of A Beautiful Woman But When You Look Closer… Shocking!

Some artworks are made to hypnotize the beholder within its beauty while some artworks just mesmerize by the illusion created by the artist. Marco Grassi, an Italian artist has both the qualities. His paintings will first mystify you about its reality, you will feel that these are merely photographs but when you will look appropriately then you will fall in love with the artist. He adds life to the female figures he paints by working on minutest detail like veins on hand and strands of hair. His choice of paints, colors and lacquering techniques just add the cherry on cake.

The Illusionist-Marco Grassi1


The Lady with blue glowing tattoo

Can you believe that it is a painting and not photograph? The hair strands, the beauty bone, the finely depicted depression on forehead, the eyes and the gleam on the eye balls as if she is looking towards the source of light, nothing seems to be surreal about the painting. He needs to be accolade for his intense observation and adding on more drama to the image he has even highlighted the shadow of hair strand.  The blue tree stretching across the upper torso brings back the memories of movie avatar.