The Reply This Girl Sends To A Guy Who Cheated Her Is Mind Blowing!

This world is not a safe place for girls anymore for they can not do things they desire in with an unrestricted spirit. Even partying out alone or with her girl friends should be done in an alert manner, as you can never tell when a guy has his eyes on her and plans something diabolical. Even Erica fell prey to Conor’s bad intentions.
Erica had gone out to party with her friends in a club at night. There she met a guy named Connor who had been feeding her drinks throughout night. When she got too drunk to lose her consciousness, Conor advanced towards her and made his move. He made out with Erica and even managed to get her number before they headed back to their places.
Woman lying on bed looking unhappy with a text message
The next morning, Erica wakes up to Connor’s text messages. He sends her a flood of messages asking her to hang out again. She did not seem to have much interest in meeting him again as she felt cheated for he took advantage of her while she was drunk.
Connor continues to pester Erica and harassed her over messages. She had a hint that he was desperate to meet her but she still didn’t give in.
As Connor didn’t stop, Erica thought of taking some serious action. She wanted to drop a clear hint that she was totally not into him.
Erica didn’t respond even after he had sent her continues messages and he still didn’t get the hint. He further sends her messages in a hope that she would send her a reply.
Connor had got onto Erica’s nerves and now she wanted to get rid off him. He had sent her 10 texts already so she thought that instead of replying with a “No,” she would go with a much more crude reply.
Erica sends reply and it was surely not what Connor had expected even in his wildest dreams. She made sure that he wouldn’t even dare to bother her again.
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