The Text Messages This Daughter Sends To Her Mom Is The MEANEST Thing Ever!

Recently, Liz Hammett shared a series of pictures on her Facebook account which showed the conversations she had with her mother over texts. These messages were an instant hit on Facebook, which even led its popularity to Reddit and received over 200,000 views.

Liz, an Ohio resident is a mother to her 4 year old son at the age of 36. At the same time, she serves as a talented daughter to her own mother. Over the last few months, she has been compiling the hysterical messages that she sent to her mom on Facebook and captioned her album as ‘Texts from my mother.’
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What makes these conversations funny is that in some places her mother who got infuriated at her actions, sternly calls her by her real name, Elizabeth. The messages mainly speak about the way she has agitated her mom or the insisting on playing mind games with her. In one instance, she reprograms her the autocorrect function in her mom’s phone. She changes an undetermined word ‘But’ to ‘butt’.


Her mother writes, “Elizabeth did you do something to my phone. Every time I type butt it changes it to butt.” Liz tries to act naive as if she didn’t do anything and replies, “What does it change it to?”. While her mother continues to misspell the word, Elizabeth is giggling away to glory.


In one of her other texts when Elizabeth arrives at her mother’s place and no one is there to answer the door, she texts her mom writing, “Mom I’m here. Answer the door!” Still not receiving any reply she messages again writing, “Get up. I’m going to steal your wreath.”


Her mother wakes up from her sleep 6 hour later and notices the message still she takes her more than a day to reply and asks, “Where’s my wreath Elizabeth.”



She replies as, “You were warned.”

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Liz does not miss a chance to rile up her mom as when she gives her a call, instead of tapping on “answer the phone” option she sends her a message, “gimme a minute. I can’t find my phone.” To this her mother replies with an “ok”, before even realizing that she is being pranked. Heaving realized what a trouble a daughter is, she send a text to her saying, “You’re an awful child. You know you’re killing me. You’re killing your mother Elizabeth.”

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Not showing any mercy Liz shoots back saying, “Only took you 7 minutes to catch on. Well done ma. Her beleaguered parent sighs, “I don’t even know where you came from.”

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