These 10 pictures of Cats who got Stung by Bees will Melt your Hearts

Doesn’t it amuse you when you look at somebody’s face after it has been stung by a bee or a wasp? It’s funny when a cat also gets a swollen face. But the situation can turn grave too in case the kitty swallows a bee and has a throat infection. You immediately need to rush to a veterinarian to get first aid for your pet. Have a look at these extremely cute cats and they will surely win you over with their swollen faces too.

1. Mouth full of Bees

This kitty must have been too hungry so it decided to eat up all the bees.

2. The double chin

No, the cat does not have a fat face. It was unfortunate to have been stung by a bee on its chin. After all gravity does play an important role.

3. Rudolf, the red nose cat

Those innocent eyes are depicting the sadness of losing a battle with the bee. Its not the sting that hurts but the defeat.

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