These "Anti Engagement" Rings Are The Rage Among Women Who Are Embracing SELF LOVE

Engagement rings are glorious. They’re sparkly and pretty and make you feel like a total princess if presented with appropriate and grand romantic gestures, and also make your hands look like ten times more elegant. The only downside is you have to actually find and put up with someone for that. Which sounds like a load of faff we’re certainly not entirely ready for. But thank god for the new trend, anti-engagements, we don’t need to find a partner to buy us that sparkly rock.

Anti-engagement rings are essentially the same engagement rings you’re used to, except a little smaller, so you can wear them on your little finger.

The best part? You buy one for yourself! And that’s another good reason to leave your cheat boyfriend’s as*. So, find the perfect vintage or antique self-love ring at online auction and wear it with pride. Rather than your partner, it’s time to seek a ring out for yourself which serves as a little reminder that you come first.

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